cuz they gon' judge me anyway so whatever

Hi I'm Kim
Im 19 years old
I'm in College
I'm a pretty chilled person
and I live in f#*%ing Florida
If you want to know more about me
ask me!!!

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Hey Guys
I'm making 2011 my last year of me being well...FAT AND UNHEALTHY. Meaning, I'll be posting a lot of (as they call it) thinspo and fitspo blogs. Hopefully seeing them will help me and you guys to lose weight and get healthy. I could really use the support and if you don't like my blogs just scroll down and ignore it if bothers you. But, don't leave me. Thanks Guys♥
I'm 5'2

Follow if you like and
Enjoy the ride!!


Three generations of penguin sledding!

(Aang and Katara

Kya, Bumi and Tenzin

Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan)

I listened to the orchestra version of Chinese Tall Story again and then watched “The Boy in The Iceberg”

I can’t believe it’s been that long already, my heart is PHYSICALLY hurting with nostalgia and memories. But in a good way??)

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